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Subvert expectation.

Sculpture to be worn.


Designed and handcrafted by Milanese Vanessa Mancini.

The jewellery label founded in 2019 finds its roots in a life of drawing and sculpture, a body of work which

has moved even closer to the spectator, proposing object d’art to wear. 


With a background in fine art, upbringing in the fashion capital Milan, Vanessa's work is known for its playful use

of readymade objects - books, steel and a fascination in people. The collection designed for men and women sees her work take shape in silver and brass.


Pieces include statement rings, cuffs and casts from objects found in nature, all in the finest 925 and 999 silver.


The identity of this label is an ode to form seen through the inquisitive eye of an artist who reflects on how we choose to adorn ourselves in different cultures. 

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